Agence Pallen BE

Zoute Knokke BE


Agence Pallen is a renowned real estate agency in Knokke. As they were opening their 3rd office in the area, they asked me to take on the remodeling. The space was in a really bad state, but I saw a lot of potential in the rough elements of the room. The office needed a desk that could sit 2 employees in the main room. In the back there’s a small nook that we turned into a flex-workplace while optimizing all the leftover space by turning it into convenient storage. To get light into the lower floor we used a glass walkover next to the stairs. A kitchenette, the sanitary room and a nice meeting table complete the office.

Photographed by Cafeïne / Thomas De Bruyne

+32 470/93.53.10

Mechelsesteenweg 247
2018 Antwerp, Belgium